The importance of eLearning for the Manufacturing Industry

It's really difficult to overemphasize the importance of the Manufacturing sector for the economy. It creates jobs, attracts investment and feeds exports but, most of all, it creates things - from laptops and smartphones to cars and hi-fi speakers.

Building Knowledge Culture with eLearning

The Manufacturing industry is also highly competitive and contrary to the stereotype of the unskilled "factory worker", it's increasingly knowledge-driven as manufacturing employees need to be able to respond and adapt to the introduction of new infrastructure, materials and technologies. It also has a strong seasonal or market trend-driven demand, which necessitates frequent hiring sprees. eLearning can help you address these challenges in a reliable, scalable and cost-effective way - and a learning management system like TalentLMS is the ideal tool to get the job done.

It scales from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of learners

It caters to learners based in different departments, plants, countries and time zones

It serves the same standardized material to all learners

It can respond quickly to new training demands like training workers on new assembly line equipment

It provides tools to help managers assess training effectiveness

It's cost effective and has a high return of investment

LMS features responding to the Manufacturing sector's needs


Manufacturing businesses often maintain numerous facilities across many locations, cities, and even countries, and have to train employees in all kinds of different skills, from materials science to transportation. With eLearning you can use a single, low cost LMS installation to train all of your employees.


Manufacturing companies must maintain the same standard quality in their output and follow all kinds of international, state- and industry-wide regulations. eLearning lets you easily serve the same material to all of your facilities in a centrally managed way to ensure that everybody is on the same page.


A learning management system frees manufacturing employees from having to follow classroom-based courses, giving them the flexibility to study at their own pace. This minimizes costly business downtime, while at the same time freeing your employees from rigid training schedules.


eLearning enables instructors to create new training material effortlessly and to deploy new courses as fast as the need arises (e.g. to teach employees to some new production pipeline or to inform factory staff of new security or environmental regulations).

Don't be a Luddite! Embrace the future of Manufacturing training.

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